Yoga FAQ

What should I expect in a yoga class both physically and emotionally?

Physically: At Long Island Integrated Yoga we believe that each person has individual needs and abilities that can be accommodated within a class. If desired, we recommend a YogAnalysis session to assess those needs so a more precise yoga plan can be put into place. Assessment supports your health by using data to create an awareness of exactly where you exhibit physical strengths and weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses are addressed through a varied yoga pose or by assigning an exercise that targets the problem. We do this to ensure everyone continues working toward a healthy body while practicing yoga.

Emotionally: During a yoga practice we align movement and breath. This has many calming effects on the mind. You will experience emotions that will “bubble up” and it is important to recognize those emotions internally. Some people have reported feeling, excited, happy, calm, restless, angry, etc.  Listen to your body, mind, and emotions and learn why you feel the way you feel. Instead of “I’m anxious.” try “I feel anxious.” as way way to get to the root of your emotions by becoming a “spectator” of the emotion.