Workshop – YogAnalysis 101: Range of Motion Assessment & Corrections

Dates: March 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17
Time: 10-6
Price: $995
Location: 2805 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 10, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Who: Available for yoga instructors, yoga therapists, physical therapists

This course explores factors that lead to normal and abnormal Ranges Of Motion (ROMs) (Anamaya Kosha). We will learn how to measure 48 ROMs as well as correct abnormal findings using yoga therapy techniques. Classical sequences of ROM pathology from initial creation of mild fibrosis or ligament laxity through advanced joint degeneration will be presented. Multiple techniques for ROM assessment will be introduced with emphasis placed on performing manual goniometric measurements to reveal hidden aspects which impact movement (Pranamaya & Manomaya Koshas). Corrective actions will emphasize active and passive stretches done on isolated joints as well as during functional activities isolating movement (asana variations), with breath (pranayama), and focused concentration (dharana) to become more conscious of our bodies. Nutritional corrective actions (mitahara) will be introduced. Learn integrated skills, taught by an integrated team.

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