Our Instructors

Catherine D’Anna – Catherine began teaching yoga in 2013, receiving her first 200 hr certification from Kripalu School for Yoga and Ayurveda. Since then, she has continued on to earn a second 200 hr certificate at LifeTime Yoga, and completed her 500 hr at The Funky Om Yoga and Wellness. Her yoga style weaves together the psychological aspects of our minds with the understanding of how we can release stored tension in the body. Holding a Master’s Degree in Social Work, her classes apply traditional yogic philosophies to our contemporary lives and experiences- encouraging playful exploration within.

Ashley Erario

Kelly Fitzsimons – Kelly has been practicing yoga for 15 years and received her 200 hour Vinyasa teaching certification in Spring 2014 through Three Sisters Yoga in NYC.  Since then she has furthered her training with intensive studies in Yin and Restorative Yoga practices as well as receiving her Shamanic Reiki 1 certification. 

In November 2018 she completed her 300 hour Ancient Wisdom teacher training with Kula Collective in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 

Kelly loves to infuse elements of these different practices into her classes, as well as integrating breath work, mantra, mudra, essential oils and crystals, guiding her students to a state of rest and relaxation.  She truly believes in the importance of a regular yoga and meditation practice to create space in our lives and align with our true selves.

Kathie Glynn




Kim Kumar – After working in Corporate America for over 12 years and no longer being able to deny a need to expand into a more fulfilling life path, I began to connect to a deeper sense of purpose and develop greater trust in my natural ability to channel healing light.

I practice both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). Using the violet angelic energy ray, IET is brought to us through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field. As a certified Advanced IET Practitioner, I am able to work with the energy through your body to remove blocks and re-balance your energy system back to its natural state of ease, trust, happiness, and freedom.

Kristen Lindblad

Deanna Lupinacci – is a Teacher, Healer and Founder of Soul Serenity Healing, helping to heal the mind, body and soul. She became a certified Reiki Practitioner in 2013 from the New York International Reiki Center in NYC. She promotes health and wellness by using a holistic approach to help align mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, fusing mystical and modern healing techniques. She teaches meditation and energy-work, along side with coaching. Deanna specializes in spiritual guidance and toxic relationship coaching, finding peace within. She holds a sacred space for you to plant your seed, and tend to it as it grows. She holds private sessions, workshops, support groups, soulful activities, self-help book clubs and more to help turn your pain into passion and your wounds into wisdom. She helps give you the tools to build a happier and happier lifestyle.

Sue MurphySue received her Master’s Degree in Education at Dowling College. She worked in the public school system as an art teacher until her beautiful children came along. She earned her RYT200 at Yoga Yama in 2009 and her RYT300 at The LI Kula Yoga & Wellness Center in 2016. Sue is not only a trauma-informed yoga teacher, she is also a Core Strength Vinyasa Teacher, Reiki Master and Chakra Therapeutics Practitioner. She is the founder of Sue Murphy Yoga wherein she created the Yoga and Mindfulness Program in the Patchogue Medford School District and the South Country School District. She continues to bring her passion to the educational field by offering yoga and mindfulness techniques to the students and helping the teachers bring these skills into their classrooms. Enhanced by her knowledge of how trauma works within our bodies, Sue is also the founder of Healing Thru Yoga, a program whose purpose is to support trauma survivors, wherever she meets them, to feel empowered and regain their resiliency. Knowing that trauma and high stress are completely subjective terms, Sue brings her understanding, knowledge, and lightness to every class. She is a firm believer that her students are in her classes to experience being in their bodies and creating their own yoga practice as she guides them through the asanas.

Angie Simeti – This is Angie! Starting her yoga journey around the age of 16 during a gym class provided by her school, Angie has found this practice has become a safe haven for her to connect with and nurture the deepest parts of herself that need healing. Fast forward about 11 years and Angie is gratefully, and happily, instructing a variety of public and private yoga session , as well as expanding into yoga therapy sessions. 

Her specialities include, but in no way are limited to: vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, brain-based yoga, neurospsychology, traumtology, trauma-sensitive modalities, accessible yoga practices, pranayama, meditation, Reiki, the Universal energy system, stress-management, pain-management, yoga for special needs, Polyvagal Theory, applications of polyvagal-informed yoga therapy, and so much more!

She has a Bachelors of Arts in Neuropsychology, completed her 200 hour yoga training with Always-at-Aum Yoga School in West Babylon, NY, and is completing her 300 hour yoga teacher training at The Funky Om in Huntington, NY. She looks forward to continuing her trainings in reiki, yoga therapy, embodied contemplative practices, somatic expericing, Ayurveda, and neuroscience all over the globe! 

Her love is currently focused on: her dog Kona, cultivating a lasting self-care practice, empowering folks through mindful education, and the beautiful mechanism that is the brain! She also enjoys hiking in the woods without much a a plan, intuitively learning music, painting with her hands, and knowing a little bit about everything!

Amy Toscano – Yoga was introduced to Amy during her years in college while studying photography. After receiving her BFA in photography, Yoga became a huge healing aide while going through an emotionally challenging chapter in her life. 

Having a desire to spread the benefits of yoga to others, she studied and received her RYT-200 at A Jewel In The Lotus in Islip, NY in June 2016. During her off weekends while training, she received her Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 Certification. Teaching yoga has really changed and opened her life. She is always eager to learn and considers herself a lifelong yoga practitioner.

Danielle Tarantola – Danielle is a practicing Yoga Therapist since 2002, a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), an E-RYT 500 and a Yoga Alliancecontinuing education provider (YACEP). She is the Founder and Director of Yoga Foundation, a Yoga School, Yoga Therapy Center and Teacher Training hub rooted in her extensive experience in the Krishnamacharya teaching tradition. This highly individualized approach tailors practices to each student’s specific physical/mental/emotional condition, age,cultural background, and interests. She is certified by TKV Desikachar as a Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist via study over 12 trips to India as well as pursuing domestic and international studies with he and his family in the US. Danielle believes that the yoga’s profound wisdom can be a transformative experience that is applicable in these modern times. In addition, Danielle has studied Vedic Chant for 17 years with Radha Sundararajan.
Danielle’s continued desire to broaden Yoga’s accessibility to non-practicing populations led her to journey with YogAnalysis. After meeting Dr. Wallman at an IAYT conference, serendipity took over when they discovered that the Danielle’s Yoga Foundation and YogAnalysis were located in the same county of Long Island. YogAnalysis’ philosophy of thorough assessment to further understand a student’s limitations prior to applying supportive/corrective practice was a common theme in both of their work. Danielle and Dr. Wallman began the collaboration to bring YogAnalysis to the public through a series of training courses. The first two of which have been given the seal of approval from IAYT for continuing education. Her extensive study inteaching tradition of master Krishnamacharya  and her passion to integrate Yoga into various medical models have been merged within the Yoganalysis courses.

John Vassallo – John brings a unique style of yoga to the center. He was introduced to yoga in college, and discovered the benefits of the practice with the connection of mind, body, and spirit union. John attended his first teaching training with Living Wisdom yoga School in Bayshore, and gained confidence in leading the public with proper guidance from his mentors. John had brought yoga into the healthcare facility he worked for, with starting a class for the employees to improve personal wellness. John has lead classes in may capacities, and his belief in allowing the practice of Yoga be fun and safe, has achieved great reviews from the students in attendance. John is also a  Licensed Massage Therapist , Reiki Healer, current Acupuncture student, and in completion of his 300 hour advanced teacher training.

Pamela Wallman – Forever learning. Forever growing. Forever grateful for opportunities that present ways to expand. Believer that all people are perfect and contained in a temporary body. Practicing yoga for 12 or so years and decided 2 years ago to dive into yoga teacher training (300 hr) to deepen her own practice. Forever hooked on flowing on and off the mat.  Co-creator of YogAnalysis which has been driven with her husband Dr. John. Her formal education is concentrated as a learning specialist with a MA in English language education and undergrad in Special Education. For the past 20 years she has been educating adults at the collegiate level and children of special needs. She has taken her expertise and used it to create courses for yoga therapists and yoga instructors. Much gratitude for recently approved YogAnalysis 101 and 201 courses for continuing education for yoga instructors and yoga therapists.

Dr. John M. Wallman is a founder of Long Island Integrated Yoga . He attended the Manhattan School of Music for percussion and, inspired by the concept of “yoga is union”, started practicing yoga in 1973. For 8 years he toured with and/or led kirtan groups through the northeast. He is a doctor of chiropractic with specialties in nutrition and exercise since 1981 and has been president of the Diagnosis Foundation since 2011. He helped establish the International Space University and their interdisciplinary Master’s Degree program and has been providing health care services to professional athletes such as the US Open golf championship and AVP beach volleyball since 2015. Unifying all these experiences, he developed YogAnalysis and their certified courses in assessment as a way to holistically evaluate clients and provide them with customized yoga programs so that every body can grow in the ways they need.

Gina Bodhi – Gina literally trembled at the thought of taking her novice, years old at-home yoga practice to the next level by participating in studio classes, but is so glad she overcame her trepidation and took the plunge by taking in a vinyasa class in early 2012. Though her first experience wasn’t at all what she anticipated, she was instantly hooked! In 2013, after realizing that she wanted to delve deeper into her own practice and share all she learned of the benefits of yoga with others, she obtained her RYT200 certification through the Always-At-Aum yoga school. Since then she has had the opportunity to teach vinyasa, restorative and prenatal yoga at several studios, and continues to pursue her own practice, with plans to obtain her Reiki and 500RYT certifications in the near future. She firmly believes yoga is for everybody and every body, and feels truly blessed to be able to provide her students with the confidence to pursue new avenues of self-exploration, both on and off the mat.