Leg Compression Rx – NormaTec

Dynamic Leg Compression

“I was skeptical of these miracle boots everyone was so crazed about, but after I unpacked the Pulse Recovery System, slid the boots on, and pressed play on the control unit, I’m thinking a weekly—or twice-weekly—NormaTec session will be that new habit I just can’t quit.” – Amanda Furrer of Runners World

What are these compression boots?

They apply sequential pressure to your legs, pushing fluids out of your legs, breaking up log jams of adhesion in your circulation and accelerating your recovery from daily wear and tear, recent or old injuries and hard exercise workouts. Originally developed for people with circulatory issues, they are now the “secret weapon” of high-end athletes and great for almost any type of hip, thigh, knee, shin or foot problem.

How do they work?

NormaTec uses a dynamic compression system to massage your limbs. The boots inflate and squeeze through a series of zones from your feet to your hips to enhance blood flow. All you have to do is zip these on your legs, plug in the hoses, set the treatment time and level of compression, then press play. They fill up each of the bladders in a specific sequence to maximize squeezing fluid back into general circulation.  This increases oxygen and nutrient delivery into all of your leg tissues, accelerating your rates of repair and muscle growth.

How can I try this?

Treatment sessions are now available at Long Island Integrated Yoga in the Therapy Room. Sessions are 30 minutes long (5 min. set up, 20 treatment, 5 break down).  Schedule time on your Vagaro App with Dr. Wallman for your first session 9-5 Monday – Friday. Follow up visits can be done 9-8, M-F and 8:30-11 on Sat & Sun.