Equinox: Energy Healing Spiral

Date: March 24 6-8 pm

Price: $30 before March 1, $35 March 1 and beyond.

The Energy Healing Spiral is part of the Spiritual Movement program. For the spring equinox, we’ll be focusing on Beginnings. Just as seeds start sprouting and reaching for the sun, we’ll focus on purifying and balancing ourselves before reaching out to listen and love the Universe.

We’ll have 3 energy healers applying each of their specific administrations to a maximum of 6 collaborators. Every 10 minutes, the healers will move to the next person. In this way, collaborators will each receive 3 different therapies from 3 different energy workers over an hour of therapy, all focused on the same goal of expanding our awareness.

Collaborators will be led into a room which has been sanctified with sage, crystals and energy patterns. Collaborators will be saged as they enter the tuned and balanced gathering space. There will be opening and closing guided meditations. The session will finish with a group discussion before collaborators are led from the sacred space.

Please arrive 15-30 minutes early so there will be plenty of time to get ready. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to lay on a yoga mat for an hour. Bring anything that would make you more comfortable in that position (pillow, blanket, personal yoga mat, etc.) We will have blankets, bolsters and mats available also.

There will be fragrances involved and collaborators will have the option of no body contact if desired. Please let us know before entering the space if you have a health condition which may impact your participation. There will not be an opportunity to enter once the program has begun.