On Monday; March 16, New York State forced us to close our doors.  We thought it would be a 2 week break to slow the spread of the virus.   We had hopes of re-opening, but that was quickly dashed with another halt to the phased re-opening. We still have no set date to re-open from the state.

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to not re-open our studio in Ronkonkoma.  We wish you the best in your yoga practice because when we practice often, we can then begin to take our transformation off the mat into the world.


Fall Schedule

You can reserve your space in a class and check for the latest updates or cancellation on our scheduling software at Vagaro.com (then search for Long Island integrated Yoga).  A Vagaro app is available to make this process even faster.

NEW MEMBERS – To sign up for classes, you can sign up online on the LongIslandIntegratedYoga.com web site, or use the free Vagaro app (this will be the quickest way to sign up for classes in the future). For either online or Vagaro app version, the first time process will follow roughly in this sequence.

  1. Register – for an account on the free Vagaro app for clients – it has a red V on a white background (don’t get the paid version of the app with the red background)
  2. Membership Card – Log in to the Vagaro app, click on the Profile page (‘little person’ picture in bottom right corner). There will be a QR Code (a square ‘bar code’) tucked behind your Profile page – (If you have an iPhone, you can add your membership card to your Apple Wallet). Use the QR code as your Membership Card to check in when you come to the studio.
  3. Purchase – your membership. On the Vagaro app, search for Long Island Integrated Yoga. Go to that site and select ‘Memberships’. Purchase the unlimited yoga class membership version you want (Monthly – auto-renew @ $36/month, Annual – auto-renew @ $396/year or 1 Month @ $85)
  4. Sign Up – You can always just show up for a class to get in if space is available. To guarantee a spot for you in a class, Sign Up in advance. In the Vagaro app, on the Long Island Integrated Yoga page, click on the ‘Classes’ menu. Find the day and time of the class you want and click ‘Sign Up’. This will look like you are ‘Purchasing’ a class for $19, but when you get to the final checkout page, the membership will automatically be applied and you will owe nothing. Still click on “Checkout’ even though you don’t owe any money to complete reserving your space.)
  5. Check In – When you arrive at the studio, retrieve your Membership Card (the QR code) from your Apple Wallet or the Vagaro App – Profile page and scan it at the front desk. You can then check in to class or sign up for a class on the spot.


Long Island Integrated Yoga Price List

Talk to our yoga staff regarding the possibility of using your FLEX spending account or insurance to cover yoga classes.

** The following prices are for our regular, weekly yoga classes (any style) & meditation.  See our Events page for additional programs & prices.

No annual fee…..ever!

No Initiation Fee!       This $108 fee is permanently waived.

(We do have a re-registration fee of $108 if you membership lapses and you re-start….yeah, we have attachment issues…..still an amazing deal – do the math)

Grand Opening Sale Now
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We are adding events every week. Please check back frequently for updates. If you would like to know what time slots are available or to contact us regarding holding your event at our studio, click here.

Applied Yoga Anatomy Workshop: Stability & Independent Movement – Ankles & Hips

What: Do you want to gain confidence about your yoga anatomy & improve your balance? Learn how stability issues develop and what yoga can do to cause or prevent injuries as well as accelerate repair. Learn the right variations for each pose. Anatomical regions of the body covered will focus on the hips & ankles.  
Instructor: Dr. John Wallman.  A chiropractic physician, co-founder of YogAnalysis, physician for professional athletes and president of the Diagnosis Foundation. He has taught anatomy, bio-mechanical diagnosis and wellness at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels. He has 45 years of experience in yoga, clinical care and teaching. 
When: March 1, 2020, Saturday, 12:30-5:30 PM
Where: Long Island Integrated Yoga, 2805 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 10, Ronkonkoma, NY 
Price: $100 ($75 for early bird pricing, $50 for LIIY employees) 

Register at bottom of page.

Energy Healing Spiral – Spring Equinox

Date: Sunday, March 15, 6:00 pm – 8:00pm

On this, the beginning of spring,  we focus on expansion. Quieting our body, mind and spirit, we gently focus our attention on launching our consciousness outside of ourselves. We listen for the softest and deepest messages from our surroundings. 
There will be 3 energy healers, each applying their specific ministrations to a maximum of 6 collaborators. Every 10 minutes, healers move to the next person. Thus, collaborators each receive 3 different therapies from 3 different energy workers.

Price: $35

Register at bottom of page.

Yogapalooza with Bari Koral: Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Classes: Friday through Sunday, March 20-22 2020
Who should attend: For teachers, yoga instructors, parents, adults, people who like to work with children. Only 7 spaces left.
Prices:  Early Bird Price $449 ($50 off of regular price) Payment plans available.

To Register Now or for more info:
Or contact us for even more info: 
1 (631) 440-7007

The Yogapalooza Training will give you the practical tools you need to create smart, engaging, and inspirational classes or kids yoga content that your students will love. In addition to learning how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children, you will learn the secret to success. (Psst: it’s how to keep children engaged!) Bari will show you how to teach yoga to children who will look forward to it, practice it regularly, master it, and request activity after activity. You’ll love this training—and so will your students!

Bari Koral is a popular child/family recording artist and a globally recognized kids’ yoga educator. Her songs and activities for kids’ yoga are used by thousands of children and teachers every day.  In the Yogapalooza Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training you will work directly with Bari and learn a ton of great content and background in order to teach or build on teaching a safe, fun and inspiring kids yoga class. At the end of the training, you will receive a completion certificate for 30 hour Yogapalooza Kids Yoga Training. Those adding to their first 30 training hours will receive a 60 hour certificate. Take one or two trainings or work toward all three modules to earn a full 95-hour Yoga Alliance approved Kids Yoga Certification!

For additional information and to sign up, click here.

Pop-up Workshop – Mind & Motion w/ Mary Salgado

Date & Time: January 3, 2020 from 7-8:15
: $15

Register at bottom of page.

We start with a balanced dance inspired gentle yoga flow followed by guided meditation and reiki therapy.  Mind & Motion is offered later in the evening with the intention to help us unwind after a long week/day and support us as we loosen up our bodies while bringing peace and tranquility to our over stimulated minds.

“I always admired people who could be still to sit and meditate, but my mind would always wander to a million different places. What am I making for dinner? Did I leave the stove on? Who’s birthday is coming up? Do I need gas in the car? Anything and everything would pop into my head. We live in a multi-tasking world and are constantly on the go, so to be able to just sit and find stillness is actually really hard!”

“Then I discovered intense guided meditation and that was EXACTLY what I needed! It allowed my mind to focus on the meditative images projected through a guided story.  Then I thought, what could be better than to start with some gentle yoga to physically help the body to stretch out from a long week and then meditate to ease the mind? That’s what I started doing and it has literally changed my life. I sleep so good at night after this! I know there are a lot of people like me who really want to try meditation or have tried but just couldn’t keep the mind still. 

That’s why I decided to create the Mind & Motion class to show people it is possible!”  I hope that you can join me as I lead you through this gentle vinyasa class and help us transcend into a transformative guided meditation journey. 


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